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Carrera at the Le Mans 24-H Race

Posted by John on June 30, 2009

The competitive edge was heightened even more when the latest lap and section records were transmitted via TV to the Carrera circuit. Despite the conclusion of the event that lasted for 24 hours of racing, there was no loss of enthusiasm for the Carrera competition. In fact, the events staged on the Carrera circuit outlasted the real-life 24 hour racing action by far.

As in previous years, over 500 invited AUDI guests enjoyed a pleasant opportunity to be sidetracked by the Carrera circuit. Regardless of whether it was drivers on a break from the 24-hour race, members of the board engaged in mutual tests of skill, works engineers testing out the true qualities of the perfect scale models of the Carrera Le Mans racing cars, or simply guests looking to imitate the full size excitement on the Carrera racetrack.

Finally, although Peugeot, the French hosts, came first and second in the actual race; Audi took third place and, thanks to the active involvement of Carrera, they also won over a great many hearts and minds.

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  1. John Said,

    Have you see the carrera viper model offer on this site?

    Do you think we can put a digital chip in it?


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