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Software update 1.16 for X-Lap

Posted by John on June 1, 2009

Carrera has released an update for X-Lap for all its enthusiasts. You must first save existing databases before you uninstall X-Lap.

Click here to download your own copy of X-Lap.

Uninstall X-Lap, install update as usual. With this update the following bugs have been fixed:
• Changed Admin rights for installation. On some computers the setup could not be started although the user had all admin rights.
• When opening race setup, some of the patches for the databases where destroyed. INI file corrupt. Databases connection therefore was lost. This happened when the user put in a either in his Driver name or in his car description. If a corrupt INI file will be recognized the program will automatically reset the database to standard databases for first start.
• Setting screen for com device: All values now will be checked for valid values between com 1 and com 16. Only if the user entered valid values between 1 and 16 the new settings will be stored.
• If a driver was selected were on which no image was determined and the user click ok in the race setup form the car picture was taken into the race monitor, Although the user selected “show driver picture”.
• Changed User rights for using x-lap. On some computers the setup could be started but not x-lap.
• On some PC an error occured when you open the race setup form. Error “Cannot find installable ISAM drivers”.
• On the result screen in the fastest lap field the sequence of car description and driver name was changed.
• If you opened the race result form without having race monitor loaded and you press ok in the race result form an error 5 occurs. This only happened, when the race monitor was not loaded before.
• Corrections on start time recognition after red lights expire.
• Start time will be now added to the time of the first lap. In some cases this caused an error when a car finished the race.

Click here to download your own copy of X-Lap.

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