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Carrera at International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2010

Posted by John on March 1, 2010

Carrera once again welcomed crowds of spectators between 4th and 9th of February 2010 at the Stadauer expo sand at the Nuremberg Toys and Games Fair. Carrera enthusiasts were able to feast their eyes on the very latest products and issues appearing in 2010.

Among the updates are as follows:
The world of the Digital 124 race series now includes a new member of great status. The new additions to the portfolio of automobiles are Cheetah ‘66 and the magnificently streamlined Auto union Type C No. 33 AVUS 1937, Mercedes W 125 No. 35 AVUS 1937, and Maserati 4CL No. 38 Tripoli 1939.

DIGITAL 132 fans will surely love some new accessories!
The new control unit means the special racing feeling is now programmable. The new driver display and the stylish position tower make the visualization of the thrilling and challenging racing action extra-realistic. The fuel levels and current race position is now seen on the LED displays.

The fair announced the exclusive licensing agreement signed with Ferrari.
The Formula 1 grand prix duels of world champions can now be replayed on Carrera circuits in the comfort of every enthusiast’s living room. You can’t go wrong with Carrera especially when you can compare the lap times achieved in Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari F1 2010 with those clocked in Sebastian Vettel’s red Bull RB5 No. 15. The formula Redbull driver has also signed a special marketing cooperation agreement for 2010.

The unveiled new model of Carrera GO!!! Mario Kart DS edition
Expect to see “Princess Peach” as a new edition of Carrera GO!!! Mario Kart DS packed with plenty of daring maneuvers.

“and the winner is…. Stadlbauer!”
One of the highlights of the show was the long awaited unveiling of the latest Carrera RC product line. It tried to stay cool as the first prize in the Electronics and Technology category of the Toy Innovation Awards given to the Carrera RC Racing Machine right at the start of the trade fair. Innovative technology, top speeds and powerful engines all spelled out great racing enjoyment that lasted for 40 minutes.

The Nuremberg Toys and Games toy fair indeed lived up to its slogan “put the pedal to the metal!”

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