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Carrera at International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2010

Posted by John on March 1, 2010

Carrera once again welcomed crowds of spectators between 4th and 9th of February 2010 at the Stadauer expo sand at the Nuremberg Toys and Games Fair. Carrera enthusiasts were able to feast their eyes on the very latest products and issues appearing in 2010.

Among the updates are as follows:
The world of the Digital 124 race series now includes a new member of great status. The new additions to the portfolio of automobiles are Cheetah ‘66 and the magnificently streamlined Auto union Type C No. 33 AVUS 1937, Mercedes W 125 No. 35 AVUS 1937, and Maserati 4CL No. 38 Tripoli 1939.

DIGITAL 132 fans will surely love some new accessories!
The new control unit means the special racing feeling is now programmable. The new driver display and the stylish position tower make the visualization of the thrilling and challenging racing action extra-realistic. The fuel levels and current race position is now seen on the LED displays.

The fair announced the exclusive licensing agreement signed with Ferrari.
The Formula 1 grand prix duels of world champions can now be replayed on Carrera circuits in the comfort of every enthusiast’s living room. You can’t go wrong with Carrera especially when you can compare the lap times achieved in Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari F1 2010 with those clocked in Sebastian Vettel’s red Bull RB5 No. 15. The formula Redbull driver has also signed a special marketing cooperation agreement for 2010.

The unveiled new model of Carrera GO!!! Mario Kart DS edition
Expect to see “Princess Peach” as a new edition of Carrera GO!!! Mario Kart DS packed with plenty of daring maneuvers.

“and the winner is…. Stadlbauer!”
One of the highlights of the show was the long awaited unveiling of the latest Carrera RC product line. It tried to stay cool as the first prize in the Electronics and Technology category of the Toy Innovation Awards given to the Carrera RC Racing Machine right at the start of the trade fair. Innovative technology, top speeds and powerful engines all spelled out great racing enjoyment that lasted for 40 minutes.

The Nuremberg Toys and Games toy fair indeed lived up to its slogan “put the pedal to the metal!”

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Carrera Evolution Street Dreams slot car set

Posted by John on October 20, 2009

Get to drive Auto Express’ leading Performance Cars of the Year with Supercoupés from Audi and Porsche feature in this new set from slot car legend Carrera.

Own a 1:32-scale versions of an R8 and a 911 in the pack. They may not be exactly the same as the V10 Audi or the Cayman, but you can purchase your very own set of Carrera Evolution 132 Street Dreams
at $128.99.

Apart from owning a realistically detailed model, the package of Carrera Evolution 132 Street Dreams
contains over six meters of track to race on.

The magnificent figure of eight circuit is made up of seven straights and eight curves, designed for the classic up-and-over style. You can buy spares and extensions if you want to try a different layout. 

The mechanical speed controllers are in the typical Carrera trigger design, and the starting block and guardrails are incredibly detailed, too. 
If all of these components are not enough to excite you; an optional upgrade kit enables you to have six drivers on the track at the same time. 

Players can also get a lap timer or pace car, while an extensive spares department can supply everything from a new wing mirror to a brushless motor, in case of accidents.

Carrera’s claim: “Race detailed, high-performance cars around a classic figure-of-eight track.”

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Finding spare parts has never been this easy!

Posted by John on September 30, 2009

To all Carrera fans!

Finding the right spare part for your Carrera car is no longer a problem! Just use the following lists:

Spare parts for Carrera Exclusiv

Spare parts for Carrera Evolution

Spare parts for Carrera DIGITAL 132

Spare parts for Carrera GO!!!

Spare parts for Carrera DIGITAL 143

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Join the Carrera ClubZone!

Posted by John on September 7, 2009

Carrera Clubzone is now being staged as part of the Carrera Challenge tour by slot car clubs in Germany and Austria for the third time! Get involved and register your slot car club and your winners can make it through to the final of the Carrera Challenge Tour 2009, win valuable prizes and qualify to compete in the Carrera European Championship 2010!

The individual ClubZone stations are to be selected in August 2009. You decide whether to visit on of the Carrera Challenge tour stops or to inquire whether you can compete at one of the ClubZone slot car clubs.

All information is available (only in german language) at Carrera Club Zone.

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Carrera joins the Morgan Motor Company centenary festival!

Posted by John on August 29, 2009

A cult brand celebrates its centenary and Carrera joins the celebrations!

The first weekend of August marked an extra special party that take place in Cheltenham, England. It’s a rare and special occasion when a car producer celebrates its centenary; especially when it’s the last of the all-British manufacturers.

The special centenary had over 7000 guests from all over the world. With thousands of guests in attendance, the event celebrated the anniversary with Morgan, and saw see the many magnificently crafted automobiles produced in the last one hundred years. The numerous representatives of the English Morgan Club were joined by their counterparts from Japan, USA, Germany and Austria.

The latest Morgan models, Aeromax and Aero 8, were on show as well as models crafted during the entire corporate automobile manufacturing timeline: Morgan Three-wheeler, Morgan 4/4, Morgan Plus 4, Morgan Plus 8. Current design studies for the Morgan hybrid engine vehicle planned for 2011 left a great impression on the hearts and minds of every Morgan fan.

Carrera just, couldn’t miss out on joining the phalanx of felicitators at such a unique event! The Carrera Race Centre gave a whole host of Morgan enthusiasts a perfect, delightful chance to test drive the entire Carrera Morgan product range. Charles Morgan’s son, Xan Morgan, demonstrated that the Morgan family members are not just impressive car builders. Having set the best time of the day on the Carrera competition circuit he was delighted to be the recipient of a brand new Carrera Morgan set.

Carrera sends its very best regards!

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Carrera Challenge Tour 2009

Posted by John on August 29, 2009


Carrera fans all over the globe listen up for a fair and exciting sporting challenge on the track. Get fired up and ready to race! The tour dates in Germany and Austria have already been fixed. In 2009 highly motivated enthusiasts have many opportunities to get on the grid all over Germany and the roadshow will also be coming to Salzburg and Vienna in Austria. Stay posted for more European dates coming soon!

Any individuals hoping to play a role in the European Championship final in 2010 should make sure they’re well prepared…

Come and seize the opportunity! Who knows - maybe YOU could become Carrera European Champion 2010!

Get competition info and tour dates on the Carrera Challenge Tour 2009 right here.

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Carrera at the Le Mans 24-H Race

Posted by John on June 30, 2009

The competitive edge was heightened even more when the latest lap and section records were transmitted via TV to the Carrera circuit. Despite the conclusion of the event that lasted for 24 hours of racing, there was no loss of enthusiasm for the Carrera competition. In fact, the events staged on the Carrera circuit outlasted the real-life 24 hour racing action by far.

As in previous years, over 500 invited AUDI guests enjoyed a pleasant opportunity to be sidetracked by the Carrera circuit. Regardless of whether it was drivers on a break from the 24-hour race, members of the board engaged in mutual tests of skill, works engineers testing out the true qualities of the perfect scale models of the Carrera Le Mans racing cars, or simply guests looking to imitate the full size excitement on the Carrera racetrack.

Finally, although Peugeot, the French hosts, came first and second in the actual race; Audi took third place and, thanks to the active involvement of Carrera, they also won over a great many hearts and minds.

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The best classic toy for 2009 goes to Carrera Go!!! Spider Man

Posted by John on June 17, 2009

Carrera Go!!! Spider Man is the proclaimed as the Best Classic Toy for 2009 by the world’s leading expert on play, toys, and children’s products.

Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, aka Dr. Toy, crowns Carrera GO!!! Spider-Man as the undisputed classic toy for this year. Dr. Toy has 30 years of direct experience of including educationally oriented, developmental and skill building products from the best large and small companies in her four annual award programs. Many parents, teachers and toy buyers use Dr. Toy’s guidance in making selections.

The fondest memories that Carrera GO!!! Spider-Man provides is the good feeling of nostalgia and enjoyment made instrumental by toys that relives good old memories as a kid and now a kid at heart. In fact, Carrera makes toys you take delight in when you were younger are still available to the market for you to share with your children or perhaps your grandchildren.

You can be sure that these childhood classics lasts over generations to extend the joy it brings. They continue to prove their value and will now delight your child. The joy of sharing a toy with your child that you play with is a special treat for you and for your child. We applaud the longevity of classic toys and hope that many new generations of children will continue to enjoy the classic toys we have selected as best for this year.

Carrera USA Go, Spider-Man Race Car Set

Carrera racing is a complete and simple slot car set. All you need to do is set up your track layout and race! This exciting classic slot car set has the added excitement of SPIDER-MAN, scale 1:43. A Slot Car Race Set gives boys and girls, ages 8+, the chance to race custom designed Spider-Man “Webslinger 6000″ and Carnage “Parasite RS” through straights, curves, loops and flyover. Spider-Man comes with 2 cars, a transformer, straights, curves, 1 junction, 2 hand controllers, lap counter, guardrails and spare contact brushes and guide keels. The track length is 20.66 feet with a footprint of 5.74 x 4.00 feet. This set, like all Carrera products, provides thrills and skills that are fun for the whole family to enjoy together.

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My encounter with Carrera Chevrolet Corvette C6R

Posted by John on June 2, 2009

Carrera unveiled its new lines of slot car models and happens to precisely time their latest model because it’s the Aston Martin’s arch rival - the Chevrolet Corvette C6R.

GT cars have been getting lots of attention nowadays much so emphasized with the release of the Martin DBR9 from both SCX and Scalextric.

With much effort, I almost didn’t take out this nice model out of its box. Not just because I long to keep there to avoid any untoward damage done to it but also the screw was firmly attached to the base. It was extremely fastened done up so tight that pliers are must have to get it undone. If it wasn’t for a raised plinth in thei boxes, there would be risk of warping the chassis.

The body of Carrera’s Chevrolet Corvette C6R looks great, detail-oriented and crisp molding. New models of Carrera are manufactured with less thicker materials thus the Corvette is not so heavy than its predecessors.

Its design is covered with painting and tampo-printing rendering a clear and flaw-free appearance. There is a good deal of protection on its paintings as there also shows good coat of clear lacquer to guard from anything that might scratch it.

Minor moldings of detail parts generally look sleek. The fit and finish is of good quality including a plastic mesh front grill and photo etched rear grill. You should expect it to be almost perfect partly because of its mirrors that look chunky and disproportionate. Its side indicators should have been a “real” or proper lens as opposed to its painted finish.

Fit and finish of the detail parts is also generally good, including a plastic mesh front grill and photo-etched rear grill. Carrera instead focused their efforts into some other parts of the car such as the “glass” parts found in the side windows that comes equipped with cooling vents made complete with pipe work.

Perhaps the important parts are a nice sturdy chassis, solid axles with front and rear brass bearings, standard Mabuchi type motor with 9:27 plastic gearing.

Expect to see Carrera fit front and rear lights and a reversing switch. Four screws hold body and chassis together. The chassis is a typical, strong, and heavy chassis. You can easily adjust the down-force using the supplied shim. Carrera fit two magnet that acts as a sliding magnet in the center of the car and a bar magnet under the rear axle.

When you look in its interior, it has moderate details to please most people. The driver figure looks realistic enough. You can notice minor details found commonly in race cars such as the roll cage, extinguisher and a smattering of painted details.

Let’s move on to the general overview of its strengths. Carrera’s Chevrolet Corvette C6R does make a nicely produced model. It can fare well or better when parked beside SCX and Scalextric rivals.

That’s how my first meeting with Chevrolet went. How do you find your own new set of Carrera slot car? Let’s hear what you like and not really like about them by posting comments below.

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Software update 1.16 for X-Lap

Posted by John on June 1, 2009

Carrera has released an update for X-Lap for all its enthusiasts. You must first save existing databases before you uninstall X-Lap.

Click here to download your own copy of X-Lap.

Uninstall X-Lap, install update as usual. With this update the following bugs have been fixed:
• Changed Admin rights for installation. On some computers the setup could not be started although the user had all admin rights.
• When opening race setup, some of the patches for the databases where destroyed. INI file corrupt. Databases connection therefore was lost. This happened when the user put in a either in his Driver name or in his car description. If a corrupt INI file will be recognized the program will automatically reset the database to standard databases for first start.
• Setting screen for com device: All values now will be checked for valid values between com 1 and com 16. Only if the user entered valid values between 1 and 16 the new settings will be stored.
• If a driver was selected were on which no image was determined and the user click ok in the race setup form the car picture was taken into the race monitor, Although the user selected “show driver picture”.
• Changed User rights for using x-lap. On some computers the setup could be started but not x-lap.
• On some PC an error occured when you open the race setup form. Error “Cannot find installable ISAM drivers”.
• On the result screen in the fastest lap field the sequence of car description and driver name was changed.
• If you opened the race result form without having race monitor loaded and you press ok in the race result form an error 5 occurs. This only happened, when the race monitor was not loaded before.
• Corrections on start time recognition after red lights expire.
• Start time will be now added to the time of the first lap. In some cases this caused an error when a car finished the race.

Click here to download your own copy of X-Lap.

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